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What is SAAT?

It’s a powerful allergy treatment offered at our Oakland NJ chiropractic clinic. It doesn’t utilize the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Dr. Nadar Soliman is the inventor of this procedure. And he is the only one who trains other practitioners in his method. Dr. Soliman has over 10 years of clinical trials that have proven this method may permanently eliminate all allergies and cross-allergies to an allergen. He has reported no reoccurrence of the same allergy with some exceptions (such as significant hormonal changes or exposure to certain viruses).

This treatment may dramatically reduce allergens in 1 treatment, with 1 needle that is so tiny that people barely feel them or notice they are there. SAAT is capable of addressing almost any negative immune-response allergy/sensitivity, including but not limited to:

  • Food Sensitivities: including but not limited to fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, including Alpha-Gal, shellfish, wheat, dairy….
  • Home/Environment Sensitivities: including but not limited to dog, cat, and other pets, dust and dust mites, mold, tree pollen, grasses, poison ivy…
  • Chemical/Medication Sensitivities: including but not limited to fragrances from laundry, cleaning products and perfumes, latex, aspirin, penicillin…

How Does it Work?

SAAT is a single procedure that often clears or significantly reduces a very specific health concern related to allergies of any kind. Allergic responses develop when there is severe inflammation in the body that creates an overly sensitive immune system that begins to malfunction. SAAT basically reprograms the immune system by stopping the overreaction to allergies.

SAAT is very specific and requires one needle per allergen. You can’t treat multiple allergies with only one needle. There are two steps to clearing the allergy. First is by using Bio-Energetic testing for your particular sensitivity/allergy and the location of the needle. This is done using a homeopathic vial with the allergen's frequency (a specific energetic signature). This is used to confirm the sensitivity and then to locate the exact location in the ear in which to place the needle. This location is unique to your body and is identified by finding the most electrically conducive location in your ear, using a specialized volt meter.

The second step to clearing the allergy may include the use of a homeopathic remedy to be taken during and after the needles have been placed.

How The Treatment Is Done In Our Office?

If you have identified your particular allergen via allergy testing or other means, we will order a homeopathic vial with the particular energetic signature (frequency) of your particular allergen(s) (if we currently don’t have one). We will confirm your sensitivity to your allergen utilizing the vial and muscle testing, and then identify the EXACT location for needle treatment of that particular allergen for YOUR body. This location is identified by finding the most electrically conductive location in your ear using a specialized volt meter.

The needle is very small and measures 3mm in length, it is thinner than your hair. Once inserted it is covered with surgical glue and a small piece of medical adhesive tape. The needle is worn for 3 – 4 weeks, at that time it may be removed. Preferably, you come back for the needle removal to our office. If you return to the clinic, once the needles are removed you will be retested for only the allergies you were treated for at that time. There is no additional charge for this portion of the treatment.

If you are still having symptoms when you return but the allergy you were treated for has cleared, another visit will need to be scheduled to test for the possibility of additional allergies. The number of allergens that can be treated in one visit is up to four.

If you are still experiencing some symptoms after treatment, it is most likely due to another allergy that has not yet been identified and treated. This is especially important when treating Alpha-Gal, environmental and outdoor allergies.

How Effective Is SAAT?

SAAT has been capable of clearing 100% of allergy symptoms like gastrointestinal distress and/or swelling/itchy mouth, or hives from particular foods. Itchy/watery eyes, sneezing, runny hose, chest tightness, and coughing come from pet dander, trees, pollen, and grasses. Also, contact dermatological reactions like latex, poison ivy, and poison oak.

Depending on how bad the allergy is there may be a severe reduction in symptoms, meaning patients may still experience a small residue of the symptoms. But they report an 80, 90, or 95% improvement. It is important to remember that the success of the treatment depends on the identification of all allergies.

SAAT Scheduling In Oakland NJ

SAAT Consult (up to 15 min): A SAAT consult includes speaking with Anna over the phone regarding allergy concerns and symptoms, an explanation of what SAAT could potentially address for the individual species, and a session of our bio-energetic allergy testing to identify and confirm allergies. This option is offered to those individuals who would like further information on SAAT specific for themselves, or individuals who would like confirmation on suspected allergies.

Treatment (45 min – 1 hour): Auricular Allergy Treatment of up to 4 confirmed allergens. This option is for individuals who are certain they have symptoms due to allergies and are ready to work on addressing them through auricular acupuncture.


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